In the framework of this project, partner organizations identified and selected the most relevant stakeholders.

Stakeholders can be identified as individuals, groups or organizations that have some kind of relation with our project, or whose interests can be positively or negatively affected by its implementation.

Stakeholder mapping is important for the success of our projects and/or activities. It is a starting point to develop strategies and to obtain the necessary support, as well as to adequately manage expectations, maximizing positive influences and mitigating possible negative aspects. 

These strategies may include, for example:

  • Suggesting stakeholders participation in project activities or events;
  • Communications to improve information about the project;
  • Collaboration with third parties so that they can positively influence one stakeholder;
  • Mitigating negative actions on one stakeholder.

The following picture summarizes the most important stakeholders identified for the project “Identity and Cultural Heritage Tools for Active Citizenship”:

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