In Romania, the workshops of Local Activities II (Throw and Recycle and Enjoy Together) were implemented on December 7 at Sacueni City Museum.

The local population, especially children and young people, participated in the activities that finished with a public intervention where citizens and families could share their legacy with the public. In an intergenerational environment, young participants could discover old games and Christmas time traditions, as well as popular arts, customs and ancient crafts of the peasant tradition of the area.

At the same time, they could reuse different materials, such as eggs boxes, wooden sticks, woollen pieces, etc. and they became more aware of the importance of recycling, taking care of the environment and giving a new life to old objects and things.

During the activities, the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union was presented and young people could learn about the possibilities they have for participating in educational and mobility activities abroad and how they can get involved in volunteering activities to support the community.


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