The workshop “Enjoy Together” was implemented in Italy on November 20 at the public school of San Venanzo with the collaboration of the “Third Age University”. The objectives were fully achieved and the intergenerational dialogue was rich, intense and funny because participants shared and exchanged games played during their childhood in public spaces.

At the Dynamic Museum of Brick and Terracotta of Marsciano, participants of the training course implemented the workshop “Throw and Recycle” where young participants got to know more about the waste cycle and the importance of personal actions, and they experimented the possibility of transforming rubbish into artistic compositions for the Christmas period.

The artistic intervention of the project, an exhibition of recycling artworks by the artist Simone Anticaglia and participants of the workshop, was organized in the same Museum and it lasted until January 7, 2020. During all activities the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union was also presented. 

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