In Cyprus, workshops of Local Activities II were implemented at the Cultural Centre of Politistiko Ergastiri Ayion Omoloyiton. The planned objectives of “Throw and recycle” workshop were satisfyingly accomplished and participants learnt and understood the principles of reusing garbage and old or broken things.

Enjoy together” was the other workshop chosen to be put into practice. Promotion and establishment of intergenerational dialogue, exchange of knowledge and development of participants’ key competences, empathy, tolerance and acceptance of cultural diversity were achieved, together with the promotion of cultural heritage through the exchange of customs and traditions between participants of different generations.

Concerning the public intervention, participants created a Fridge Library, whose main purpose is to exchange and reuse books, magazines and board games by taking something from the Fridge and leaving there something no longer used. It has been placed in the street, at the entrance of the Cultural Centre of the Cypriot organization.

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