The final meeting and conference of our “Identity and Cultural Heritage Tools for Active Citizenship” project took place on January 19th 2020 in Italy. During an internal meeting amongst project organizations held at Travelogue Office in Marsciano, participants presented the activities implemented in their countries and the impact that the project had on their participants and organizations. Afterwards, participants reflected in pairs about future projects and it was interesting to discover that some ideas were common and similar.

To give visibility to the project among the local population, a public conference was organized in San Venanzo with the collaboration of the municipality where members of local public institutions, such as the Mayor and the Councillor of Culture, took part together with members of other associations, schools, clubs and local citizens. After presenting the project and its main results and products, each project organization explained the implementation of the project in its country. Italian participants that took part in local or international project activities presented their experience and the impact of the project on their personal and professional life. Finally, the audience could reflect on the importance of active participation and the use of public space for carrying out activities that contribute to social transformation and peaceful coexistence.

After the conference, the Italian hosting organization, Associazione Travelogue, organized a cultural event at La Cantinetta di Rotecastello where Gabriele and Lorenzo Busti read and narrated the Inferno’s Canto XXVI of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.

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