Identity and Cultural Heritage Tools for Active Citizenship” is a 12 months Strategic Partnership project that involves four organizations from different European countries (Cyprus, Italy, Romania and Spain), whose aim is to promote active participation of the population in public spaces through cultural and artistic interventions, that are used as a tool for social transformation, peaceful coexistence and inclusion.


Main objectives:

  • To improve key competences of youth workers where artistic and cultural interventions are a tool for social transformation, peaceful coexistence, inclusion and active participation of young people;
  • To know actions, projects and activities that partner organizations carry out in order to recognize and value the identity and cultural heritage of the territory;
  • To exchange good practices and experiences in which active and participatory citizenship of the population is promoted through cultural and artistic interventions in public spaces;
  • To create a network of European organizations aware of the importance of active participation of citizens, for the construction of a united in diversity Europe, from the respect and appreciation of individual differences.


Main activities:

  • Transnational Coordination Meeting in Romania (April 2019): to specify strategies, working methodologies and details of activities;
  • Local Activities I: analysis of cultural heritage and interventions in public spaces at different level, mapping and meetings with stakeholders and identification of good practices.
  • Short-term joint staff Training Event in Spain (September 2019): a 5-days training about art, inclusion and artistic creation.
  • Local Activities II: two workshops with local population and one cultural intervention with a social content.
  • Creation of the eBook and video of the project;
  • Final Conference in Italy (January 2020): presentation of project results and evaluation between partner organziations.


We consider that this project has an impact on participants (new skills acquired and/or improved, personal and professional development, etc.), organziations (use of new competences and tools, exchange of good practices, better quality of work, etc.) and on society (higher levels of active participation of youth in public space, enhancement of cultural heritate, greater awarenss of the situation of people at risk of social exclusion and belonging to different minotiries, appreciating their artistic and musical culture, etc.).